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Resort Hotel Villas in Thailand

Posted by admin On July - 7 - 2011

Villas is an exclusive resort got hold in Taling Ngam on the south of Thailand Villa Resort has been beautiful holiday that keeps his intimate and comfortable view. Some the villa is located on an idyllic hillside, that offers breathtaking views of the natural tropical splendor and cooling sea-breezes in 12 spacious and comfortable guest rooms and suites.

All windows and thresholds are equipped with privacy screen to keep out butterflies and hummigbirds, bright rooms surrounded by a very large veranda, plants and flowers it has easy and autonomous entree to the swimming pool.

thailand samui resort villas

Villa La Kosta Koh Samui address 153/1 Moo 3 Ban Taling Ngam Koh Samui, Suratthani 84140 Taling Ngam Hill, Service rate 2 stars. We are a family that chose to live respecting people and natural environment with the purpose to transform Villa La Kosta in a eco compatible ecological structure. The villa is located on an idyllic hillside, that offers breathtaking views of the natural tropical splendor and cooling sea-breezes.

thailand samui resort villas

Marina Villa Koh Samui address 124 Moo 3, T. Maret, Koh Samui Suratthani 84310, in Lamai Beach and Service rate is 2 stars.

We loved the Marina Villa. Our room was on the third flooring so you can get a view of the entire bay. We feel asleep to the noise of the undulations hitting the beach and heard nothing else – amazing! There were small ants everyplace for all 5 days even though we showed housekeeping on the 2nd day. The response doesn t speak English that well, and the restaurant was a little pricey compared to those on the road, but the way was clean, looked nice, was spacious, and got a good many sunlight. All have their own balconies too, which was great. Central Lamai is a 5 minute walk and there are plenty of shop classes and eateries on the way. We would stay here again if we came back!.

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Weekender Villa Beach Resort Koh Samui address 146/1, Moo 4, Lamai Beach Koh Samui, Suratthani 84310, Lamai Beach, Service Rate 3 stars.Weekender Villa Beach Resort.

The Weekender Villa Beach Resort hotel is located in the Nothern part of Lamai thus creating bathing in the ocean just besides the hotel impossible. You have to walk 5 to 10 minutes or so to be able to float in the sea. However, this is the only disadvantage of biding there. Although the hotel is not new, everything is kept clean and looks decent to stay in there. We stayed at beachfront and really liked our room. It may seem plain outside but inside it was perfect. The pool was quite small for swimming, but water was cooler than in the sea (we tried it only in mornings). Service and food were good, people very friendly. Motorbike rent in the place was handy. There weren t many guests there and we met just a couple or two, sometimes it seemed that the pool area and the bar were at our service only. Beautiful place for peaceable and secluded recreation time. We highly recommend it.

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The spirit of old Samui is alive at Weekender Villa. It is a traditional place on a 3200 sqm beach plot with more than 100 years old Banyan Trees and only 10 bungalows with reasonable modern facilities. And it is a quiet place with “action” just 1,5 km away.

Es gibt noch das “alte Samui”. Weekender Villa ist ein traditionelles Resort mit mehr als 100-jaehrigen Banyan Trees und nur 10 Bungalows, die gemaessigt modernen Anspruechen entsprechen. Es ist ein ruhiger Platz, nur 1,5, km entfernt vom Centrum von Lamai.

Sarocha Villa address 438/76 Moo 1, T. Maret, Koh Samui, Suratthani 84310, in Lamai Beach. Service rate 3 stars for Sarocha Villa.

Sarocha Villa Lamai Beach is a private and a perfect place for Holiday for couples, retreats, and families and the ideal retreat for sun, sea and nature – lovers and those seeking a complete escape from escape from the pressures and distractions of life. You can enjoy the private beach, bathed in the sunshine and gentle sea breezes, crystal clear water under the blue sky

At Sarocha provided 14 Bungalows with set amidst a lush tropical setting and access to the beach is just a short stroll to your cottage. All are tastefully furnished to a high standard, surrounded by pretty gardens, with sea views.

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very nice place, for this money i think it s the best quality and placement variant. do not even doubt about this place 10 from 10 for this money. the only minus it s the entering in ocean its too rocky, lots of stones, but for little children very nice becouse on small water nice sand. and the best beaches lamai and chaweng are pretty close. and btw what a sundowns there.

Great home with very friendly and easygoing staff. They helped stage almost everything we though up. Rooms are clean and spacy. The villa has private quiet beach. There is very good Italian coffee shop few steps towards Lamai center. Taxi to the Lamai beach costs about 200 Baths. Location is indeed rather remote from the loud center but it creates the place perfect escape form the crowds.

Have a nice day thailand resort in holiday on the beach this season in thailand.

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