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Thai Hom Mali Rice Best Quality

Posted by admin On June - 2 - 2011

Fifty years ago, a small group of researchers from Thailand, internationally recognized for being the country where the high-quality and the most delicious rice is grown, was successful in introducing “Hom Mali Rice”, the newest rice variety to the global arena.

Thai Hom Mali Rice or Thai Jasmine Rice, is good the naturally fragrant rice truly indigenous to Thailand. Grown only in a selected part of the Northeasterly region of Thailand, Thai Hom Mali Rice is as white as the color of the jasmine flower.

Its natural scent is the distinct aroma of the pandanus leaves behind. When cooked, it is soft and legal tender in texture, with a hint of sweetness in its flavor. The hom mali rice is quality not good if not from thailand.

For the season is the only two times per year, the full planted area for Thai HOM MALI Rice is estimated at 18.85 million rai with a yield of approximately 6.2 million tons. However, for the past 3 years, Thai HOM MALI Rice production has been experiencing a slight decline mainly due to unpredictable weather and soil preconditions.

Thai Hom Mali Rice

The total exportation volume of Thai HOM MALI Rice for the period of time of long time. For Head Rice, Asia is the largest exportation market for Head Rice, accounting for approximately 46.41 % of the total Head word Rice export with China as the largest export market place in the region. The North American Region ranks second accounting for approximately 23.68 % of the full Head Rice export with the United States as the big export market in the region.

Thai Hom Mali Rice

In 2000, Export Thai Hom Mali Rice, TOUMI has begun to export Thai Hom Mali Rice under the name of Star Marque and TOUMI Brand. Therefore, Thai Hom Mali Rice of Toumi is pure Traditional to ensure 100 % natural product, always freshly milled before packing, the standard of of TOUMI is no artificial chemical, holistic fragrant aroma but is chewy taste with pure white color of at the most natural.

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