Noodle Culture Thailand

Thailand has a unique food culture. My wife loves noodles. Ive followed her down in thailand roads, streets to a famous won-ton and noodle shop on the turning point of every Ithiel Town and every road. The battlefront is open and the ceiling low with each narrow table crowded with thai or inter style sitting on small chairs shoveling noodles in with chopsticks.

My wife orders a small bowl of noodles with peanut sauce and tom-yum for me and a bowl of blood soup the other bowl of noodles with hot and spicy peppercorn sauce for her. As she eats, sweat pearls her face but there is not one word of complaint not one sign that she suffers. Rather, this seriously satisfied look spreads across her face as if she has put down a Thai noodle heaven.

When we are seeing Sukhumvit Road in Thailand between People Square and the Bund, we always stop at the same food shop where my wife orders steamering hot noodles with the same peppercorn sauce, and I order deep fried, sweet tofu with the same sauce and fire sauce chilli that makes me sweat Thailand Noodle Culture.

At festivity feasts, a wider breed of food will be served from whole fish, crab, a variety of vegetable dishes tofu and noodle fresh. Very nice. Porkchop Tom Yum Noodle.

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