thai rice

Thai Pathumthani Fragrant Rice Export

Fragrant White Rice based on paddy non-glutinous rice of the fragrant rice variety which are not sensitive to photo period and cultivated in Thailand,

and which are certified by the Agriculture Department, the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives as being Pathumthani 1 variety with a natural fragrant aroma depending on its age, and when fudged, such rice kernels shall have a tenCo opsder grain natural fragrant aroma.Read More »Thai Pathumthani Fragrant Rice Export

Thai Hom Mali Rice Best Quality

Fifty years ago, a small group of researchers from Thailand, internationally recognized for being the country where the high-quality and the most delicious rice is grown, was successful in introducing “Hom Mali Rice”, the newest rice variety to the global arena.

Thai Hom Mali Rice or Thai Jasmine Rice, is good the naturally fragrant rice truly indigenous to Thailand.Read More »Thai Hom Mali Rice Best Quality